Foamboard Quadplane

— DRAFT: This is a very preliminary mockup. —

The Foamboard Quadplane is an open-source tool for low-cost pilot training with VTOL aircraft.

Pilots gain experience with all parts of the system by building their own aircraft, programming the autopilot, and performing flight operations in manual and autonomous modes.

Design and setup files are available for free download. Pre-cut kits are available for purchase. Training based on this aircraft is available from several providers.


Hardware Setup

Link to drawings, including version for laser cutting. (Move this to GitHub.)

Material specifications (e.g. foamboard, 3/16 inch thick, 20 x 30 inch sheet)

Components list (Pixhawk, motors, etc)

Links to kit distributors.

I hope Flite Test will participate as a manufacturing/distribution partner because they have lots of experience with this kind of kit. Here’s the FliteTest store link for the plane shown above. Notice that they offer:

To be updated. This example video shows typical construction techniques.


Software Setup

Link to configuration files for Pixhawk, transmitter, etc. (Move this to GitHub.)

Setup procedure

To be updated. This example shows one step of the setup process.


Flight Training

To be updated. Example lessons from FliteTest’s Beginner Series:

To be updated. Example lessons from FliteTest’s Beginner Series:

The curriculum will be a series of lessons that escalate in complexity from fundamentals of flight up to autonomous aircraft operations. Examples above are from FliteTest’s Beginner Series.


How Quadplanes Work

This on-board perspective shows how the vertical lift and forward thrust props are engaged to achieve hovering and forward flight.