We’ll be your drone courier. Our team can integrate drones into your existing logistic network and operate them every day.


Build your own drone network with the same equipment we use: aircraft certified to transport medical cargo.

Previous Work

Our services and products are founded in peer-reviewed research at Johns Hopkins.


Long Distance Flight

Medical drone delivery records were set by Johns Hopkins researchers as they successfully transported human blood samples across 161 miles of desert. Throughout the three-hour flight, the on-board payload system maintained conditions, such as temperature, ensuring the samples were viable for diagnostic analysis upon landing.

Blood Products

The first study examining the effect of drone transport on blood products for transfusion. We describe approaches to maintain temperature control and blood component physical characteristics. Published in Transfusion.

Microbiology Specimens

The first study to investigate microbiological specimens in blood and sputum culture specimens after drone flight. We show that time-to-recovery, colony counts, morphology and other analytics were similar for all microbes studied. Published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology.

Why Us?


Medical Cargo Experts

  • Created new standard for biohazard containment on drones

  • Published benchmark studies of sample viability on drones

Medical Leadership

  • Our CEO is Director of Diagnostic Labs at Johns Hopkins, Bayview Hospital

Better Aircraft

  • Industry-leading airframe partners: L3 (Latitude) and DJI

  • Pickup and dropoff capability

  • Long range, up to 500km